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Classified Advertising - Requirements

These pages are for private sales of motorcaravans, motorhomes, campers, camping cars & rvs.
Some trade ads are accepted from small traders and are identified as such.

All adverts are completely free - but we do have costs so any donations are very much appreciated!

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Do note that accessories sale & wanted ads are now found in the Forum area.

Get promoted!  All ads voluntarily renewed by email without any prompting by us will be promoted to the top of the list - so it will pay handsomely to keep us up to date!!   BUT ... to prevent unnecessary exploitation of this facility and unnecessary work for us, renewals cannot be made more frequently than monthly. The message is clear though - renew monthly and stay on top!!

Basic requirements: We will accept many things but you can make life easier for all of us by following these guidelines...

Email address - Vital: Your email message body text should contain all the necessary information including your email address, telephone number, town, vehicle make & model and price.  Many of you forget to include your email address so delays occur while someone here digs that out from your original email header and adds it manually to your advert.  It may be a good idea to create an email address especially for the ad so that if it attracts scams and spam you can delete it later. If you do create another address you must check it regularly and respond promptly - remember that ad enquiries are like buses nothing comes along for ages and then three come along at once!!  You'd be amazed how many enquiries and complaints we get here from buyers who can't get a prompt or even any answer to their emails!  Disguised emails are acceptable to but do tell us what you're up to so that we know it isn't a typo - e.g. neill @ motorcaravanning.co.uk or even neill at motorcaravanning dot co dot uk.

Email Protection:  We are now able to encrypt your email on site so that scammers and spammers are unable to 'harvest' your email address from the advertisements. Naturally enough this has costs associated with it so we are offering this extra service as a subscription add-on. It is of course entirely optional and the adverts themselves remain completely free. It is of course entirely optional and the adverts themselves remain completely free. The initial cost is 20 for a three month period and renewals are half price at just 10 for each additional three months. Please note that this is a defence against automated email harvesting and will not stop activity with addresses already in the possession of the scammers and being circulated amongst them. So - for maximum protection start with a subscription and keep it going until you ask us to remove the ad!  To subscribe just submit your ad by email as usual but refer to wanting email protection. Then you can also make the payment using the 'donation' button/s on any ad page to make your payment. We will tie up the request with your payment but using the message box in the checkout process to refer to your vehicle ad does help us to do that efficiently. If there are any problems in process we will contact you or you can ** ** with any details or concerns - all will be resolved!

** This is an example of an encoded link, the email address is not shown and nor is it buried in our page code so an automated address harvester will not find it - but if a real human being clicks on the link a normal email dialogue will pop up for normal use! 

Special Email Addresses. We do now recommend you use a special email address - but we get more complaints about those than anything else, mainly because people forget to check them after a time so their accounts fill up with spam and then proper emails are bounced, so do remember to check regularly even if there are very few good responses!  Also, don't forget to manage any spam filtering on these, there's not much point in advertising your motorhome and leaving all the enquiries in a spam filter!!!

Other Contact information: It is wise to restrict the amount of personal information you publish on the web. Nevertheless buyers will want to be sure that they are dealing with a genuine advert, not least because there are so many scams circulating at the moment so please provide enough information to inspire confidence. They are particularly sceptical about overseas transactions, so genuine advertisers in this position might also want to lodge their full contact details with the site administrators?

Advert Text should be in paragraph style, plain, left justified, single spaced and word-wrapped. i.e. don't format it as bold, coloured, centred, etc. and don't create new and/or empty lines or lists with the Enter key. If you do any of these things someone here has to strip it all out and that will delay your ad!  Please use reasonable amounts of text, most people manage with 150-200 words or less (40 in a magazine!!) but 300 is the absolute limit. To be fair to other advertisers we will reject very long ads. 

Conventions. Try to use the ones you see on this page, i.e. capitals at the beginning of a sentence and full stop at the end with simple punctuation and spaces after each word, comma and full stop. Please DO NOT TYPE ALL IN CAPITALS! - this causes further work and delays this end - and anyway is considered to be SHOUTING in emails!

Pictures draw attention particularly well, see our tips page. We will accept most picture formats by email and also prints by post. Do still send the text by email, this is a free service - we don't have armies of typists!  Pictures should not be too high in contrast - i.e. no heavy shadows on the 'van. Bright but slightly overcast days are the very best for photographing white vans(!). Note: for obvious reasons we do not accept pictures containing children. Do not send pictures embedded in Word - most will not convert properly. No brochure scans please - only real pictures of the actual vehicle for sale.

Scans / technical. If you are scanning to send the picture by email do not over-compress the file, if you do we suffer a significant loss of quality here when we prepare it for inclusion into the advert. For the technically minded our classifieds pictures are gifs or jpgs at 72 dpi and 125 pixels wide and the image of the 'van is always 'frame filling' within that.  If this is meaningless to you, just send us a reasonable size file and we'll do the rest. Ads with pictures measured in Megabytes get delayed the most.

Attachments. Pictures are preferred as attachments to email. Picture inclusion in other documents like Word is rarely successful - they don't convert well in our html files. Keep them reasonable in size if possible, ads with attachments bigger than a few hundred Kb get delayed the most. Do not send pictures embedded in Word, most will not convert properly.

Scams:  Regrettably if you advertise on a highly visible site like this one you will get scam emails from people seeking to defraud you.  We do our best to limit these but it is a hard task!  Remember that if it seems too good to be true it probably is just that!!  You can help block scammers by providing information about them, this is quite technical but links to anti-scam guides are given on each classified page.

Price. Adverts will not be accepted without price but phrases like "offers based on 4,500" are acceptable.

Details. Most buyers will want to see as a minimum, the conversion name / model, the base vehicle details & engine/fuel, the year, mileage, the major internal features & fittings, the condition inside and out, the price, where it can be seen and how to contact you. And further details like length, number of berths and number of belted seats may get you buyers who are not familiar with your particular 'van!

Cancellation:  PLEASE try to remember to cancel once you've sold your motorhome. We give you the space free but that doesn't mean there's no effort and no cost in maintaining an accurate and up-to-date site! A thanks, sold, goodbye, email is all we ask!!  Ads not confirmed on request may be deleted.

Place your ad - just email us with the details. Sometimes it may take a few days for the ad to appear.

Amendments:  Simply email them to us - preferably quoting the ad reference displayed on site in brackets.

NB Accessories Ads & Motorhomes Wanted Ads - are now part of the Forum, go there to post your advert

Tips. Other information like the reason for the sale might well help you sell it, as might saying something more about the vehicle - tidy, excellent, reliable, much loved, mpg, easy bed making, whatever. In our experience a really good description helps greatly - people might not know or remember your particular model's details like size, internal layout and main features and may need reminding!  And do remember to include all the important vehicle statistics like...

Base vehicle No of berths & travelling (belted) seats
Engine size and type MOT & Tax if applicable
Mileage covered Unleaded? if an older van
Age / Registration letter Photo if available (or add it later)
Conversion type The asking price
Conversion brand Your email and/or phone number
Condition of vehicle and conversion Where(abouts) it can be seen
Possibly the internal layout of beds, kitchen, bathroom and seating including any special features like having a 7 foot double bed or very comfortable sofa.
Plus all the other interesting features like power steering, cassette toilette, air conditioning, awning, bike rack, overall length, gross weight, payload and so on.
One can never be absolutely sure in every case but vehicles with good descriptions seem to sell quicker than those without - after all if you can't be bothered to enthuse about it why should a buyer??

Place your ad - just email us with the details. Sometimes it may take a few days for the ad to appear.

Trade Ads. This is primarily a private ads site but individual adverts from small traders or those with just a few motorcaravans for sale will be accepted as long as you comply with the advertising regulations by marking your ad 'trade'.

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All adverts are completely free - but we do have costs so any donations are very much appreciated!

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