New Classifieds Rules for 2007!

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We are making important changes for 2007 ...

In future all classified ads will expire automatically after 3 months - unless specifically renewed by email. There will be no reminders so in future it will be up to you to manage your own advertising.

The need for this has been forced on us by two things, a) the increasing abuse of our free service with too many advertisers failing to keep us informed and b) the increasing volumes of spam and the corresponding use of unmanaged spam filters which effectively prevent adequate communication.

There will be a real benefit for some of you though, because all renewed ads will be promoted to the top of the list - so it will pay handsomely to keep us up to date!!  BUT ... to prevent unnecessary exploitation of this facility and unnecessary work for us, renewals cannot be made more frequently than monthly.

The message is clear though - renew monthly and stay on top!!

Promotion of the monthly renewed ads and the countdown to 3 month ad expiry will start on 1st March.  Auto removal of old ads will start from April 07.

In brief:  Bearing in mind that this is a free service ...

Ads should be sent to us by email in paragraph form and in plain text i.e. not laid out as if for a poster. By all means make the ad informative but limit the text to about 150-200 words. Ads of 200-300 words may be accepted at our discretion, use more than that and your ad request will be ignored.

Use the conventions you see on this page, i.e. Capitals at the beginning of a sentence and full stop at the end with simple punctuation and spaces after every word, comma and full stop. Please DO NOT type in CAPITALS! - this causes further work and delays here - and anyway is considered SHOUTING in emails!

Photographs should be sent as attachments in an industry standard format like jpg or tif Don't over compress the file(s) but do try to send files of a 300K max. Multi-megabyte files will be accepted but are subject to delays.

Make a note in your electronic or paper diary to renew your ad once a month - in the first week preferably - to enjoy the benefit of promotion to the top of the list when we do our mid month revision. When renewing please be specific - we need to know our ad reference (added to the end of every ad e.g. (H567-0207)) or at the very least the exact first few words of the published ad. We will try to update them promptly in small batches but there will be delays from time to time.

Please do remember to advise us promptly of sale.

Protect yourself against the inevitable spam and scams by using a special email address like '' (but do remember to check it frequently), by disguising your address like myvan-at-hotmail-dot-com or by using a decent spam filter (but remember to check it often for real enquiries trapped as spam). 

Use, not abuse, and reap the rewards!