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Our New Logo


We hope you like it! It's a home-grown product that comes with several slight variations. The brief was to design something fairly simple but not too abstract that would mostly show our web address but also have links to motorcaravanning. If possible we would like it to be easily adapted to say something about what we do on the site; oh, and we'd also like it to be OK as vinyl graphics on the side of the 'van if required!

the motorcaravanning.co.uk new logo (300 px jpg)

We weren't asking much were we? So, did we succeed? Well the web address is there for all to see. And hopefully you'll also see the links to the blue skies, green lanes and sandy beaches of motorcaravanners' dreams. And to hint at the vehicles, there are echoes of the sweeping profile of modern coachbuilts in the 'overcab' blue line. The version with descriptive text and a white background is used only for advertising - you'll see it in MCM for example.

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