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We will expand this section as you ask the questions but in the meantime...

Why do new windows appear?  We use the 'new window' function on links that would take you away from this site. Most users find it best to have this new reference information in a new window that you simply close when you've finished with it - then the original motorcaravanning page you were looking at is still there for you to continue reading where you left off!

Why do the menus start off slowly?  A couple of answers here, first there is a small inbuilt delay to give you time to hover your mouse and adjust position without menus flying out in all directions, this is intended. Second and not intended, a longish delay with missing picture icons appearing temporarily is caused by having 'show image download placeholders' switched on. To switch them off in IE6 e.g. use the menu - Tools, Internet Options, select the Advanced tab, scroll down to the Multimedia section and remove the tick from "Show image download placeholders". Off / no tick is the default setting by the way.

What about cookie settings?  We do use cookies to control access to the forum. We do not use them to invade your privacy. If you use IE6 we suggest you set motorcaravanning as a trusted source by going into its Tools menu and Internet Options, clicking on the Privacy tab then on the Edit button to add us to your trusted list. Simply type in motorcaravanning.co.uk in the top box and click on Allow. Click on OK twice to exit. This will not affect your main privacy settings but will allow our Forum to let you in while keeping mischievous visitors out!

Adding FAQS

Simply ask us a question about the site or one of its sections. If we think the question is of general interest we will add it to the FAQs.

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True! In truth we're never quite finished!

There's always something new going on so we sometimes have to do some of our tidying up in public!

We will of course sort out the glitches as soon as we can.


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