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  Site Traffic


Our visitor count is now well over the 400,000 mark but there are one or two interesting statistics behind that figure.

First, we've served more than 1 Million page-views, currently over 20,000 per week to 5000 unique visitors every week. 

Second, an amazing 35% of you are returning visitors and around 12% of you have returned to the site more than twenty times. (Your anonymity is assured, we simply know that you like us!!). 

Third, most of you are in the UK & Europe as far as we can tell but we have visitors from the Americas, most of Asia, Australasia and even some visits from Pacific island time zones! 

Anyway, keep coming back, you're all very welcome!

Some of the details are interesting too.

Our busiest day is Monday with Tuesday close behind and Saturday a clear last! As expected evening visits are most popular with peaks at 7-9pm local time but some of you surf in the small hours and quite a number of you get going at 6 am.

Most of our referrals come from other sites. The top referring search engines are Google (by miles), Yahoo, AOL, Wannadoo & MSN. Searches are mostly for s/h vehicles of various sorts with accessories following on behind. The classified ads section is the second most popular areas after the Forums. The vehicles and travel reference info pages come next.

How do we know?

We use a commercial site traffic monitoring service. A small piece of code buried in our home page sends information to Hitmatic who analyse the information and provide us with on-line reports.

All this information is highly generalised so we do not track individual users - rest assured that there is no way that we could use this code to invade your privacy in any way.




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