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Travel is our section for travel topics rather than the nuts and bolts of the motorhomes themselves.

Events is mostly based on motorhome shows - one of the very best ways to decide on what to buy but also packed with a multitude of lifestyle gadgets, useful travel information, friendly campers and often including some evening entertainment. We include motorhome clubs here too.

Crossings covers ferries and the channel tunnel and addresses the thorny problem of how to get cheap crossings.

European Travel is still there with all the usual stuff about 'duty free', autoroutes and aires, plus useful info on LPG and some tips about driving abroad.

UK Travel is a new section that includes a selection of our favourite places. We've included some of our 'easy' wildlife destinations as well complete with a few personal photos.

Lifestyle includes camper cooking, amazing recipes of alchemy and magic that produce great meals with just a two ring hob. There's also some info on making life a little more comfortable.

Pets & Passports must have a place here too. We've listed links to the relevant information but would really like to see some real experiences written up - any volunteers?

Publications covers guides and maps for a better travel experience.

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