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BritStops:  A great new British scheme along the lines of France Passion!  Well you'll want somewhere to stay won't you? ... Most UK 'stopovers' seem to be based on pubs and while this is quite valid, not all of us want to stay at pubs night after night. Britstops is different in that it also includes farm shops, breweries, vineyards, restaurants, hotels, seafood cafes, and even motorhome businesses, as well as quality pubs. The scheme is still quite young so there aren't yet huge numbers of overnight stops, around 150 at the time of writing, but I have to say the quality is very high - the best of all UK schemes in my opinion.  The idea is that your 'hosts' allow you to stay overnight on the premises free of charge in anticipation of your interest in their offerings!  There is no compulsion but I have to say the ideal deal - where we stopped behind the barn at a delightful rural farm shop and spent 30 on shopping we needed anyway - really does work well on both sides. True the Norfolk marmalade and specialist ice creams were dearer than Tesco but other things including the fruit and veg were cheaper!  Now do I want to give a big company trading as a campsite my 20-30 to park or would I rather eat it and park for free, cripes that's a hard one isn't it?!  As yet not all the hosts can provide all the resources you'd like, they're not campsites after all, but many do offer water and some even have a full service point, I guess the more we use them, and spend money with them, all the more will invest in suitable facilities.  Is there a membership fee?  Yes it does cost to join but frequent users will get their money back in no time at all. You can even get a free year of membership by successfully recommending a new host. 

www.britstops.com - tell them you read about it here!

Other Stop-overs in the UK:  Frustrated when you see the facilities for motorhomes overseas and compare them to what we’re offered over here?  Want the real freedom to jump into the motorhome and hit the open road, without necessarily knowing where you’ll end up for the night?  Not that easy though is it, just where can you stop over like this?  Many of us know that there are very few places indeed.  Worse still we are often barred from over-nighting where others aren't - the tourist town of Stratford upon Avon for instance tolerates over-nighting in trucks but not in motorhomes!!  Why???

So what’s the solution? In other European countries with large motorhome communities - including France, Germany and Italy - towns and villages provide areas for motorhome overnight stays, sometimes with facilities, and sometimes even free of charge!

Stopovers UK no longer seems active but the Practical Motorhome Magazine Nightstops Scheme is well worth knowing about see this Nightstops google map and of course Brit Stops above.

But there is a really good campaign underway to get as many 'No Overnight Parking' signs removed as possible on the basis that most are illegal!  Andy Strangeway is the very dedicated and determined guy behind all this and his very busy wordpress blog is at http://andystrangeway.wordpress.com/category/campaigns/. You'll see he has several campaigns in progress at any one time but please do support his 'No Overnight Parking Signs' campaign. This has mostly focussed on Scotland so far but is moving south this year, I believe he has his sights on Yorks & Lincs at the moment. http://andystrangeway.wordpress.com/no-overnight-parking-signs/.  It can be a bit difficult to tie together all the campaigns that relate to motorhome overnighting but it is worth the effort. 

Local authorities have car park areas that are unused at night, some of which would be suitable for short-term stays by a limited number of motor caravans. And yet, with very few exceptions, local authorities refuse to allow motorhomes permission to stay overnight, thus criminalising the few ‘wild campers’ who do. If all this strikes a chord, and you feel unnecessarily restricts freedom, please do join the campaign/s.

Together we can make a difference - so don't just read about - join in and get a result!!

We need more like this!  NI Motorhome Overnight ParkingUK AIRES

These sites are all 'approved' as far as we can tell. For wild camping info try www.wildcamping.co.uk and perhaps add your own as you find them too!



Tintagel:  King Arthur's Car Park, opposite The Old Post Office, Fore Street. Officially licensed for motorhomes to stay overnight at 3 for the night (4.00pm to 10.00am approx). No services and public toilet block in the car park closes at 10pm.


Canterbury:  Kingsmead coach park. Kingsmead Road, Canterbury. CT1 1BW.  Fresh water, grey and black water dump facilities at ground level on payment of the parking fee of 5 for 12 hours max. 
Used to be no overnight parking but we believe this has changed now.

Canterbury:  Dover Road Park & Ride, about 1 mile from Canterbury city centre along the A2. 2 per day (includes bus fare); overnight parking of motorhomes is allowed at 2xDay daily rate.  Water, grey and black Dump (free on payment of parking fee); 24 large parking bays

Maidstone:  Maidstone Services on M20. 6 Food, shops, toilets, showers.


Abingdon:  Rye Farm Pay & Display car park, on the A415 going south from Abingdon, on the left hand side just across the river bridge. 5 for 24 hours maximum.  Public toilets (pay) are just across the road



Bowling Club car park.


Car park of Tomintoul Bowling Club, Lecht Drive, Tomintoul. Off the B9008 Tomintoul to Dufftown road. From Dufftown or Lecht Ski area turn left into Lecht Drive just before the village. From Grantown on Spey, turn left in Tomintoul at sign for Dufftown and Lecht Ski area, then immediately right into Lecht Drive.  Overnight parking of motor homes on hard-standing 5 per night per vehicle. Pre-booking preferred. Drinking water available. Toilets, including disabled, on site. Shops within 200 yards
Information: bowling@bjarnason.org.uk

Northern Ireland

Co Antrim

Ballymoney:  The Angler’s Rest, 139 The Vow Road, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim. Phone 028 2954 0280. Free.
Pub car park; pub serves food in the evenings during the week and all day on the weekend


Broughshane:  Houston Mills. Follow the brown tourist signs to Houston Mills (at the Larne end of the village) and park in its attractively arranged grounds. Euro-Relais bourne (service point) for fresh water and grey and black water disposal. Free overnight parking. 1 charge for services. Fresh water, grey and black water disposal; French style ‘sani-station’.

Glenwherry:  Ballyboley Inn, 125 Shanehill Road, Glenwherry, Ballymena. BT42 3EP. (on the main road from Larne to Ballymena) Telephone 028 2583 1208. Free overnight but no services in pub car park.


Aghadowey:  Brown Trout Golf and Country Inn, 209 Agivey Road, Aghadowey, Coleraine. BT51 4AD.  Telephone 028 7086 8209. Free overnight parking in Golf Car Park, Maximum Two Nights. Fresh water available

Co Down

Newtownards:  Daft Eddys, Sketrick Island, Newtownards, Co Down. BT23 6QH. Tel 028 9754 1615. Free overnight parking on slightly sloping ground in restaurant car park. No services.

Well done to all participating - but not much of a list for the whole of the UK is it?

There seems to be a message to uk publicans here too?!!


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