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Off Road Tyres - Goodrich Examples

We have no connection with BFG or any other tyre producer or retailer - this information is given simply to illustrate what might be available.  See also the excellent Conti 4 Seasons van tyre at www.conti.de.

On-Road; Radial Longtrail T/A, 80%-20% on-off

"An all-weather, all-season, tubeless radial tyre. It is available in original equipment sizes and speed ratings for sporty and urban 4x4 vehicles. The sophisticated polyester casing is crowned with a distinctive double steel-braced asymmetric tread. The whole tread surface is extremely well siped to give extra mobility in snow". 


Mixed; All Terrain T/A, 50%-50% on-off

"Built specifically for on and off road traction, BFG have redesigned America's favourite off road tyre to deliver even more 'go anywhere' traction and vastly improved durability and wear. It gives you the confidence and control to tackle roads rocky or smooth, while our legendary 'TriGuard' three ply sidewall construction (most tyres have just two) delivers exceptional strength and toughness. The best just got better".


Off-Road; Radial Mud Terrain T/A 20%-80% on-off

"This is the ultimate tyre for freedom and mobility off the road. The casing is of 'TriGuard' construction - three polyester layers - which is extremely strong and resistant to damage. The tread has been designed to pull your vehicle through the very worst off road conditions, including mud, rock, snow or sand. On the road the level of comfort is remarkable for such an aggressive tyre designed primarily for off road use".


Perfect illustrations of just what to look for in tread design for off road grip in varying degrees!

Note though that these tyres are not particularly highly rated for speed or load.
See the main Tyres page for load and speed indices information.


Example sizes with load and speed indices

Note how all the tyres are Q rated for speed but how the load index rises with both rim diameter and tyre section. 

27X 8.50  R 14 LT 95Q TL

LT 215/75 R 15/C 100Q TL
LT 235/75 R 15/C 104Q TL

LT 325/60 R 15/C 106Q TL

30X 9,50 R 15 LT/C 104Q TL
33X 9,50 R 15 LT/C 113Q TL

31X10,50 R 15 LT/C 109Q TL
33X10,50 R 15 LT/C 114Q TL

32X11,50 R 15 LT/C 113Q TL
33X12,50 R 15 LT/C 108Q TL
35X12,50 R 15 LT/C 113Q TL

LT 235/85 R 16/E 120 Q TL

LT 225/75 R 16/D 110 Q TL
LT 245/75 R 16/E 120 Q TL
LT 265/75 R 16/D 120 Q TL
LT 285/75 R 16/D 122 Q TL
LT 295/75 R 16/D 123 Q TL

LT 215/70 R 16/C 100 Q TL
LT 225/70 R 16/C 102 Q TL
LT 235/70 R 16/C 104 Q TL
LT 245/70 R 16/D 113 Q TL
LT 255/70 R 16/D 115 Q TL
LT 265/70 R 16/D 117/114 S
LT 275/70 R 16/D 119 Q TL

31X10,50 R 16,5 LT/D 116 Q TL
33X12,50 R 16,5 LT/D 118 Q TL
35X12,50 R 16,5 LT/D 123 Q TL

LT 265/70 R 17/C 112 Q TL


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