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The section for everything about the vehicles themselves, motorhomes, motorcaravans, campervans, camping cars, rvs, whatever you want to call them.

Here you'll find helpful information about your motorcaravan, its fixtures, fittings and accessories. Topics like layouts, safety, gas, electrics, water, payloads, tyres, and servicing are included as you might expect.

We hope both novices and more experienced motorhome buffs will find lots of very useful stuff here  As elsewhere we plan further expansion, so contributions are very welcome! 

FAQs will appear progressively as you ask us more questions!

We're adding more information about interior design and layout too. This is currently something of a hot topic with motorcaravan owners getting younger and European imports making very significant inroads into the British market. Our Continental cousins are big on motorhomes - do you know that very nearly half of all motorcaravans in the EC come from Germany?

We've also added some information on importing in this section. It includes many things that you really need to know if you're thinking of importing yourself plus a personal story about our own eventually successful search and import.  

At first sight a motorhome is just a vehicle and home combined but it is just this combination that brings some unique problems. Many of the most important are to do with the services that we all take for granted like heat, power, water & waste.

The solutions are well known of course and result in a very comfortable life once understood, so read all about them here!


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