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Publications - The Recreational Nomad

"A motorcaravanning miscellany to inform, inspire and entertain..." 
"The motorcaravanning book to end all motorcaravanning books!"

David Berry sent us a copy of this new book to review, and while I'm only just getting started on it I must say that it really does inform, inspire and entertain as claimed.  I'm always deeply suspicious of anything described as a 'miscellany' but this book is no jumble of unrelated jottings - instead there is a steady flow of useful information graded nicely from start to finish and appealing at many different levels. Nor is the information dry and indigestible as is so often the case, no, anyone with a real interest in motorcaravanning will find this book a good read. Some of the material is clearly aimed at the novice but there's plenty here for readers at all levels of motorcaravanning experience.

Some may find the unusual format a little difficult at first since there are really four books here 'basics', 'ideas', 'articles' and a 'travelog' all running along side by side. Fortunately David had the good sense to realise that this unconventional format needed a clear layout for readers to follow without getting lost and has successfully divided his volume into the four themes.  Colour would have helped even more but at greater cost.  The great advantage of this multi-threaded approach, once you get used to it, is that readers can dip into the book for a short read on any motorcaravanning topic in any one of the four themes.  Equally you can use it as a reference volume since all the topics are easily found and are obviously more or less 'advanced'. 

It will be a while before I put this one down - and when I do it's going in the 'van to travel round with us so that we can regularly dip into some more of that inspiring and entertaining information!

For more information about this 17-99, 300 page, landscape format, A4 softback, contact...

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