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  Owner Review - Hymer B564


1990 H Left hand drive 2.5 l diesel (not turbo)

We chose the Hymer after looking around hundreds of coachbuilt motorhomes, at first refusing to look at Hymers, because I think they’re ugly, although its beginning to grow on me now. 

After being shown round various Hymers, we could see the benefits of the pull down bed at the front which can be left ready made up in its closed position, with that and the fact that Hymer is supposed to be one of the best, or so I’ve been led to believe, we purchased the second hand 564.

Driving:  Driving the 564 is a pleasure, the left hand drive is no problem but the width of the van can be if you don’t have your wits about you. Based on a Peugeot/Talbot van, all you have to remind you of that is the plastic dashboard, everything else is purpose built for the van. The 2.5L diesel engine could really do with a turbo, but if you don’t mind using your gears you can get by, some hills in Derbyshire require first gear. Visibility is great, the huge windscreen reminds you of how a goldfish feels. Rear visibility is good with two mirrors each side, the lower mirrors angled to the road to keep your eye on the white lines and kerb. The cab mirror looks through the small rear window. Driving at low speed is great, as is high speed in a straight line, however, roundabouts do require some attention due to van roll. 

Interior:  The inside of the 564 is a little cramped when relaxing. The four place dinette is adequate for meal times, but when the kids have their toys out, you’re better off outside under the awning. The toilet and shower are what sold us the van - that and the price. The bathroom boasts a separate screened shower, away from the toilet, and although not huge, a 6 foot man like myself has no problems showering. The passenger seat is on a swivel which expands the seating area.  

Sleeping:  The pull down bed over the cab is double bed sized, I’ve measured it, it is very comfortable and comes with a cargo net to stop you rolling out. The headroom is sufficient as not to feel closed in. The 4 place dinette converts into a double bed, not quite as comfy as the pull down bed, but o.k. Moving around the van when the dinette is in bed mode can be a little tight, with only approx 12 inches between the kitchen and the side of the bed.

Storage:  The cupboards inside the van have adequate storage for every day items i.e. food and utensils. We are a family of four and a weeks holiday nowhere near uses the storage space available. The wardrobe is very generous and is a good place for the kids toys as well as clothes. The rear of the van boasts a storage hatch which is also accessible from the inside. Table and deckchairs however have to go in the roof box, as do the silver screens.

Cooking:  The kitchen has a two burner hob, no oven or grill, quite a large 3 way fridge and a small sink. The built in extractor fan above the hob works well if you're cooking with the door closed. Work space is a little limited unless you use the table.  

Water:  The 564 has an adequate water tank (100L) for about 2-3 days (family of 4) this includes showering, toilet flushes etc. The waste tank is a little smaller I think, but you are supplied with a hose for emptying, but its never quite long enough.

Electrics:  The 564 has a 110 Ah leisure battery (installed myself) and lasts days without any problems or loss of power and, someone correct me if I’m wrong, the charging system won’t let you drain your main vehicle battery if you run out the leisure battery. The leisure battery is automatically charged when you hook up to electric and the meter in the van lets you see how much charge is going in. The meter for the fresh and waste water tanks is a bit hit and miss, and drops in quarters rather than gradually. 

Gas Storage:  Depending on the size (physical dimensions) of the bottle, you can store two 11kg bottles in the gas storage compartment, if however you get an oversized bottle, you are down to 1X11kg and 1X 7kg bottles. 

Problems:  Not many really considering the van is 12 years old, we have an interior light that needs replacing, problems with the taps and shower but all easily rectified and not too expensive.

If  anyone out there is thinking of buying a Hymer 564, please feel free to contact me bobmorley@ntlworld.com also if anyone already owns a 564 there’s some things I’m not sure of so drop me a line so I can pick your brains.

Hope this benefits someone - Bob Morley                 

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A-Class; a fully integrated body built on a commercial chassis or 'cowl cab chassis'. Often has a drop down double bed in the cab roof. Somewhat confusingly for us Brits Hymer refer to their A-Class models as B-Class and S-Class!

Dinette; a simple couch and table arrangement normally accommodating 2 or 4 people. More popular on continental vans but becoming more common as a UK option - mostly because it offers an easier design route for fitting seat belts I think.

Oven as an extra; few continental motorhomes come with ovens and grills as standard.

3-way fridge; one that works on 230v 'mains' when 'hooked up', on lpg gas when no mains is available and on 12v from the 'van while travelling.

Leisure battery; one installed for the leisure side of the vehicle. A proper installation links the vehicle and leisure battery together while driving to provide charging but automatically separates them when the vehicle is stationary. That way you can flatten the leisure battery but still start the vehicle! There are also differences in the internal construction of the batteries making one suitable for starting and the other for 'deep cycling' i.e. able to withstand repeated discharging to quite low levels.

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