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Owner Reviews: A really good owner review gives a clear impression of living in a motorhome. As well as reading the basic information about driving, sleeping, relaxing, dining, washing, etc., we hope to hear about the actual experience of living in the motorcaravan - good and bad. This is what makes an owner review different to a magazine review and that's we want! Hopefully we'll also learn about the problems encountered and how they were resolved too.

Fancy having a go yourself? Well just email us some copy! A draft works well as a first submission - but we will accept anything and will try to help if there's a need for editing or alteration. Any questions just ask!

Product Reviews:  These are a bit different to owner reviews but hopefully will reflect real world experience and usefulness - or otherwise! If known it can be helpful to compare with other products that do a similar job. A review could be quite short and sweet for a simple gadget or gizmo but might be in much greater depth for a major accessory like satellite navigation perhaps.

There is considerable interest in all manner of products and modest accessories; you'd be amazed at the discussions revolving around double-skillets, motorhome cleaners, Silver Screens and SOG adaptors let alone mobile email, sat-nav and PDAs! 

Submitting copy: We are no different to others, we need plain text with single spaces between words & sentences. Fancy formatting isn't required, in fact it gets in the way and causes extra work when publishing! Photos help to break up the page but should be sent separately not in the copy - except as examples. In any case start with a draft and ask anything you want to know.


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